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EVTech is a mailing list dedicated to the discussion of the electronics technology surrounding electric vehicles. It is a list specifically targeted towards implimenters - drive designers, both hobbyist and pro - software authors - and things of that nature. In general, if it has silicon or magnet wire or interesting chemical reactions in it and it's in a EV, it's fair game to talk about. This is what some have wisely referred to as a 'propellerheads' list - please be as technical as you need to be in order to describe whatever you are working on. Stories and discussions about the vehicles in general, as opposed to specific parts of their drive and associated systems are better sent to the EVDL

Specific examples of systems that you are encouraged to talk about on evtech:

*) Drives, AC or DC or anything in between
*) Battery management systems, dissipative, charge shuttling, or other.
*) Batteries
*) Advanced climate control systems
*) Advanced entertainment systems
*) Data acquisition
*) DC/DC converters
*) Chargers and charge algorythms

Specific examples of subjects you are encouraged not to talk about:

*) Any personal attack on another list member.
*) Suspension, brakes, steering, tires, or anything else, except where the electrical system is directly affected.

In general, this list is geared for developers and early adopters. If you don't fall in one of these two categories, you probably should be on the EVDL.

To subscribe to evtech, simply write a message to evtech-subscribe@mailman.evtech.org.

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You can also see the TODO list for the web site. Any of you who know how to drive linux and want to help, let me know. Feel free to make suggestions at the suggestions wiki.
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At this point this web page is largely redundant.. the Wikipedia and several other good pages exist. At the time I created this there weren't any other good options for technical discussion. In fact I lately haven't been reading much of the message traffic myself although I really should start agan. Mostly I expect I will use this page as a place to document my own private projects.